@Sunset at Sutra Baths, San Francisco, Jan’15.

Yesterday started out with rain, thunder, and lightning (it’s rainy season, but usually rains very briefly late afternoon/early evening, and never thunder or lightning). The day was rough, election results came at our 3pm, but I made it through with the help of friends.

I asked my friend Magda, “What is happening? What is it that we as the world need to learn right now?”

We realized maybe it’s us that need to go through some lows, to know who we are and what we stand for, to find our identities and formulate our beliefs. Perhaps it’s the time we need to band together right now, to truly see what’s happening in our world now and really do something about it.

At our frequented cafe in Malaysia, I looked around the table of a Polish, Russian, and myself, and realized – a lot is happening in the world we don’t agree with. But we are not our leaders, we are not our government. What we do, whatever it is, matters. We cannot live our lives, we cannot live in this world, passively. What we do and who we are make a real difference. Our words, and equally if not more importantly, our actions matters.  We need to keep faith in humanity, that we cannot lose control of our future.

Coincidentally, and a huge blessing, Magda had scheduled a women’s circle held at my place last night. Perfect timing given a) the elections, b) after meeting so many incredible women this weekend at the 3 day yoga/music/dance/music festival MURFEST, and c) we were still riding the post-festival high vibes. So last night we gathered 15 women from Malaysia, US, Italy, Poland, Canada, Iran, and Australia, seated amongst candles, string lights, healthy snacks, and bunny named Chocolate. 🐰🍫

On our beautiful Dhyanna mandala tapestry, we shared how and where we are on our journey of following our truth. One by one, we introduced ourselves and shared what we’re doing in our lives. As each woman shared, we each understood just how much love we had to share, gifts to give, and how much we wanted to serve others, because we each feel that way too.

Last night I realized how, now more than ever, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, circumstance, we each have to continue to show up for our world. It is our time to rise.

The universe works in funny ways. Perhaps President Trump around is the push we need to create and step into a more loving, nurturing, and maybe a more feminine approach to existing and giving in our global community.


Obama delivered in a beautiful story to end his last campaign speech for Hillary Clinton on Monday, that a single voice can move a room. And that voice, can change a city. Which can change a state, which can change a nation, which can change the world.

Our words and actions make a difference and have the ability to inspire and mobilize others, to create change. So let’s continue to stand for our values, to show humility, to extend compassion to our friends and neighbors. And to do so with integrity and authenticity. And then let’s wake up and do it all over again when the sun rises.

Because we can start a movement. We can change behaviors. Which builds habits, which evolves culture, and ultimately writes our future.

Who do you want to be? What do you want our future to look like, what world we we want to create for our children?

As my friend Lais wrote today, “Trump aside, world moves on and great people will keep doing great things. I definitely believe in power of communities being stronger than the decision of a majority. Communities can get shit done while everyone else is talking.

Join a community. Build a community. Start a revolution from inside. Stay in the light side. Rebel the best way.”

It is each of our responsibility to be that person, be that light, that beacon, that candle to light the way for others.

And the most beautiful thing is that we’re not in it alone. We will always have each other 😍 So thank you world & good morning. Indeed, it is our time to rise 😍