So it’s past 5am, I’m in Bali, Indonesia instead of nearby Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year for the Burning Man main sale ticket time of year. I just sent the email detailing a compiling list of how else to get BM tix for disappointed burners or 2017 hopefuls like myself ūüôā

Realized I get this question all the time and figured it’s time to share as a blog post! ¬†Won’t edit much as it’s late,¬†so if you want to know the 9 tips – scroll further below to the red. Else to read an intro, read on!

What is¬†Burning Man? It’s a¬†weeklong festival, this year Aug 27 – Sept 4, where you camp in the dessert with bunch of other crazies. But it’s so much more and nothing else like it. I travel a lot and am so¬†lucky to have the most¬†brilliant experiences every week/month. And¬†for the past 3 years, BM is the most beautiful and fun time of year and always worth the trip back to US ūüôā I never really know what to say about it when people ask what it is and why I go, but I’ve realized it’s kinda like this:

To me, Burning Man is a week to unwind everything of your ‘normal’ life and just,¬†let go who you need to be and who you are, to¬†discover who you¬†can become. It’s the wildest time with friends and¬†new friends, a time of self discovery. A time to open up, to be vulnerable, to be bold, to be daring… to jump on giant typewriters or huge word art, to marvel at growing mushroom art installations and beautiful art cars and moving concert stages, to play life size hungry hungry hippos, to do yoga in the dessert, to dance until your feet fall off, to run an ultramarathon, to hide in your van from the freezing cold and windy white out dust storms to then dive deep with your friends into what our souls never discuss and didn’t know was dying to hear, to be inspired day and night by and climb on art installations brilliantly designed and built by passionate artists and volunteers… to love, to laugh, to cry, to be humbled, to spark new ideas, to rekindle old hidden desires within, to make your pilgrimage to the temple and let go of what doesn’t serve you, to find so many others trying to do the same, to live off of so much generosity, love, and kindness, to be human again…. to remember who you¬†are when you let yourself be¬†wild and carefree…

By unleashing this, we give others permission to do the same. But most importantly, we give ourselves that permission. And it seeps into our mind, our memory, our muscles, our cells… and inspires¬†our normal life. It’s when we live in¬†our fullest expressions that¬†we live more of ourselves, live in our truth. Unleash yourself in all your creative forms, share your heart, overcome your fears, live without a plan, smile, hug, and love everyone, help anyone, feel all your senses, turn all inner beings and feelings of you ON…. do all of this and you’ll find you¬†live so¬†much more each day. And you’ll find out who you can become ūüôā Exist in this state of pure love and light, be friendly and float with kindness. And let’s find out what the world could become.

This extends to whatever you feel you gotta do. Not just/only BM. If it doesn’t call to you, no problem! But whatever it may be, always be sure to get some of what tickles your curiosity and what sets your soul on fire ūüôā

Cover pic from iPhone, moon + sunrise over DREAM and the Man in the back ground in 2015.¬†If you scroll to the previous blog post and further down, you’ll see I wrote about a fun art exhibition from last year, and see a photo from acroyoga with a friend for the sunrise after the man burned!

Aww ok, so bad luck with ticket lottery.¬†But, we’re¬†not the only ones!

I’m assuming it’s more than last year – so maybe 40,000 people signed in the same time for 30,000 tix, of which probably most if not all bought 2. So for all of us who didn’t get tickets, probably 25+k others didn’t. Or, 25+k other accounts didn’t! I know plennnnntttyyyy of people, including myself, who didn’t get tickets at the main sale, still get tix and go to BM that year. The LA Burners FB group always has ppl selling tickets the week or days before BM as well.

Below is info I shared in past years Рwe had people join my camp who got BM tickets thru these methods (meaning you can still go!!!).
For the official ticket sales – STEP and OMG sales, you can register another burner profile or have¬†a friend. Keep in mind IF you get tickets for both profiles you’ll need a different credit card, and that card has to be the same name of the¬†account (so warn your friend!).
My friend Phil¬†mentioned before that a stressful ticket experience has become a part of the whole burn experience. After all, working hard for something makes the experience so much more worth it right? If you’re 100% set on going, you and the universe will¬†make it happen ūüôā And you’ll get the burn experience your heart’s been waiting for. Keep in mind:
Р30,000 tickets were sold on Wednesday.
– Nearly 70,000 people will attend.

– I don’t know how the rest of the math plays out, but know there’s a hella lotta¬†tickets¬†floating around now through August! That gives us 5 months to¬†snag¬†tickets.

Here’s some action steps:


– Just “register” ON TIME AT NOON PST on April 26, then that’s it. You’re in queue (in order of registering) over the next 3 months til July 20th.
– Be sure the BM email is not in your “other” inboxes so you’ll see if you get the email saying you have 72 hours to purchase before being released to the next in queue.
Inline image 1

Despite what we would think everyone would do – try to sell for $1k on stubhub – which is always there lol, a loooot of ppl who go to BM (especially regular burners) don’t care to try to make a profit selling the¬†tickets. It’s simpler and in the spirit of BM to sell wholeheartedly for face-value in a fair process. STEP’s one way, and its done officially.¬†I know people and close friends who’ve gotten 2¬†tickets¬†thru STEP!

2) The OMG sale
– Same process as today but in July and without lottery – mark July 26 and 28 in your calendar now as well in case!

Inline image 2
3) Stubhub Рwill go up to $1k++ /ticket. 
Vehicle passes already up for $250-400, tickets starting at $800:

I’m sharing this as an option, but DON’T TO IT! It encourages annoying scalpers who just want to make profit and not intend to go, so they’re not real burners. Its up to you, they’ll always be¬†tickets¬†here available til the actual starting dates. However, BM ticket site also shared this:
Inline image 2

4) Post on the official BM forum
Tell your story and make it interesting and compelling while keeping it real (yes, yes – first timers are all¬†virigins ūüôā GET IT UP NOW!
5) Join your regional burner community
Some have active FB¬†groups, some are less so but have active meet ups like the Burner Ninjas in Toyko and French Burners in Paris ūüôā Feel free to meet people, learn more, and ask around for¬†tickets. They may have a spare ticket down the line or direct you to people¬†that do. I’m sure you’ll meet some cool people too and have a fun time at the events!
6) You can join several FB communities 
To watch for extra tickets, here’s 2:
Here’s what¬†one guy¬†wrote 2 years ago:
Inline image 1

7) Barter:
Great tip last year from my friend Colin – —> get your request on there for tix and offer something special or make your profile stand out to make a viewer holding tix give you them. Or barter in your own way somewhere.

8) Consider joining a theme camp
These are groups that camp together and offer a gift to all burners, be it music, games, food, parties, workshops, marathon, art car, etc. 26,000 directed group sale tix in February were sold here. They have a special admission process because they put lots of money, time, and effort into their camp so they can offer everyone and anyone an incredible experience. A large part of why BM is BM, is because of these camps!

And others in the camp will have main sale tickets, or know of tickets from friends too. It’s likely that someone who needs to sell tickets will first offer in these camps. I did this in 2014, I sold my extra ticket to someone in my camp I didn’t know but was working hard to help organize the camp and contribute to BM. So… it happens! Plus, this way you could meet tons of other cool people, and of course also explore with your own friends and on your own. Keep in mind to pick a camp you’ll want to really join as they will select those that have interest, are committed, and want to stay/work/co-create with as a big part of your experience.

9) HUNT!! Be proactive while you wait for STEP and OMG.
– ASK – put it out there – tweet, post on your wall from time to time, put a sign on your car …get the word out you’re looking for tickets! I guess Craigslist would work too?
– Google/reddit for tips from time to time
– If you’re posting somewhere public, i.e. forum, fb group… – OTHERS WILL BE TOO! What makes you stand out?
– There are burners in every city – see if you can meet them, get to know artists, or other creatives – they might be able to help you out or connect you once they know someone is selling.
Maybe describe yourself or how badly you want this year to be your first year. Just a suggestion – consider offering something in return to show appreciation, in the burner spirit as well. Perhaps offer a bag of Japanese goodies? If they’re attending, sending them a pair of ski goggles? Or some photography tips for BM? A lovely poem? An original rap? Or just good karma. Totally up to you if you offer anything, or just write a short but sweet story about you.

– Keep asking around. MANY tickets will pass around, so hopefully you’ll know when they do!

Many people will pass off tix in some way or another. And there’s a good number of people who don’t have friends to pass them off to. Many of them will sell through legit channels to someone at face value through STEP or other online indirect connections.

Point being – there are ways to get your hands on a ticket. And for face value.

For people who already have tickets – nice job!! Please help by asking around and keeping an ear open!Again, this is a process that may take months to get tickets as many people let go of them late spring/summer for any of a number of reasons.

Above all, have faith and attraction of tickets only works if you ask for it! So keep asking, trying, and visualizing yourself there and you might just find yourself there ūüôā